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This page contain pictures of remarkable fish caught on the South African coast. They may not necessarily be caught by charters of MightyCharters.

You may rate any of the photos.
In the left-bottom corner of the photo there are 5 stars. Click on the stars to rate the photo. When you rate the photo  you still have to select the rating by clicking on the 1-5 radio buttons on the rating dialog.
You have to be logged-in before you can rate a photo.
When you rate, you rate the fish caught, not the quality of the photo.

RSS Syndication is available on this gallery. Click on the  RSS-Syndication icon below the photo. (on the right)

To download a picture at HIGH-DEFINITION click on the  download-button below the picture. This is the prefered resolution if you want to print the photo.
If you download a photo by saving it from the displayed photo it will be a LOW-DEFINITION photo, which does not produce good a quality photo when printed.
Some photo's contain a title, description and additional information. The information is embedded in the photo, when you download a photo the information is included in the photo. You can view the photo and information using your prefered photo-viewer

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